APAC (Portugal)
APAC Portugal is a non-profit institution. We are looking for human solutions in detention and our main inspiration is the APAC method based in Brasil.

Avans University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands)  
The Centre of Expertise for Public Safety and Criminal Justice does research into public safety and is committed to helping resolve complex safety issues. Our aim is to enhance the resilience of citizens, professionals, organisations and society as a whole.

BONJO (the Netherlands)

BONJO is an organization that supports volunteering work with prisoners and ex-prisoners.

Foundation CHAINS (the Netherlands) 
CHAINS is a foundation that implements projects as a catalyst to bring about changes with regard to the prison system. We are committed to a just way of dealing with people who have committed a crime based on a holistic approach to preventing crime.

Communityprocessing (the Netherlands) 
Communityprocessing brings together insights and opinions of different participants and parties involved in a certain (large scale) conflict or situation in need of intervention or change aiming at inclusive decision making.

De Huizen / Les Maisons / The Houses (Belgium)  
The Houses is a centre for creating awareness, lobbying and a centre of expertise, working towards future and solution-focused detention, in the form of small-scale, tailor made and integrated detention houses. 

FARAPEJ (France)

The purpose of FARAPEJ is, based on the Declaration of Human Rights, to contribute to the improvement of the functioning of the Justice and the Police force and to act to limit the destructive effects of the prison. For this, FARAPEJ brings together individuals and federate associations that act for Justice and wish to develop reflection in the service of action.  

Foundation of Recovery and Return (the Netherlands) 
The foundation supports the recovery of all those who are involved in the process of crime, punishment, recovery and return: victims, perpetrators, families and other relations, professionals, volunteers. 

Platform relations of incarcerated people (the Netherlands)
This Platform wants to support the improvement of the position of this ‘invisible’ group by demanding recognition of the consequences of detention for parents, partners and children and their crucial role in the process of return. 

Restorative Justice Nederland Foundation (the Netherlands) 
The Restorative Justice Nederland Foundation (RJN) is a Dutch organization for innovation and knowledge on restorative justice and restorative practices (amongst others restorative detention). RJN connects citizens, criminal justice professionals, policy and decision makers and providers of restorative justice services to empower the potential of citizens to recover and restore, supported where needed by other citizens or professionals.

Rob Schuddemat (the Netherlands)
I was a director of a youth probation organization in the Netherlands(WSG). I believe that youngster and young adults can make their one positive move when they can experience their successes. Often, they need help with this.

It is my mission to help and give advice to professionals and organizations enable these positive moves.

UGent (Belgium)

UHasselt (Belgium)

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) (Belgium)


RESCALED aims to thoroughly reform detention as a form of punishment in Europe. All prisons should be replaced with detention houses. Detention houses are small-scale, differentiated and embedded in their immediate environment and community.


By replacing prisons with detention houses, the reintegration of prisoners will be greatly improved. Prisoners remain members of and stay connected with the community. Confinement in detention houses instead of prisons, aligns better with re-integration and restoration.

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